The fans – these are the fans of B.A.S.E who support black Agriculture and want to support and learn more by taking advantage of the education and purchase from the B.A.S.E Partners – This membership is free for the first year after that the yearly membership will be $10

The Team – This is for consumers who are serious about farming they want to take advantage of all of B.A.S.E. Resources. Including Advance Education, Workshops Seminars at discounted Rates. They want the latest industry developments, national and International resources for Black Farmers and Survivalist as provided from B.A.S. E They will receive discounts on all B.A.S.E. collaborating vendors’ products and sponsored Events including B.A.S.E. Winter and Spring Expos.

Membership Fee $25 annually

The Partners – B.A.S.E takes pride in providing quality education, products and services to our B.A.S.E Members. B.A.S.E Partners will provide agriculture products and services directly to an audience who are looking to go back to the earth as the tool to build a new better than organic world. Our partners will have the opportunity to advertise on B.A.S.E Page and participate in B.A.S.E Yearly marketing campaigns at nationwide community expos and events. Featured Advertisement will also be available for additional rates per campaign. Advertisement methods include social media and conventional and unconventional referral modalities.

Yearly Fee $200