Since the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation claimed to have freed 4 million enslaved Africans, black people in America have been attempting to come up with a solution to the suffering, poverty and hopelessness present in our communities. Many black leaders have offered solutions, suggesting everything from education, voters’ rights, and civil rights, to more jobs, better wages, equal rights, and health care. The solution begins with black people pooling their resources to do for self, instead of depending on others. The Black Agriculture Survival Expo [B.A.S.E.] aims to help the black nation recognize that the core of this solution is in agriculture.

A husband and wife team Laurence Muhammad of Laurence and Arabia’s Best and a Growing Power Commercial Urban Agriculture Program graduate and Chaava Muhammad an event planner, promotions and marketing director of Dress The Garden are the founders of Black Agriculture Survival Expo [B.A.S.E.]. Both born in the north, migrated to the south where their fore parents are from. They were divinely inspired in 2013 after they journeyed to Tuskegee, Alabama for the 18th anniversary of the Million Man March which asserted an economic blueprint to purchase millions of acres of land, as the base solution to the ails of the black man in America. B.A.S.E. Is a platform where black farmers, manufacturers, distributors, students, educators, consumers, and patrons would assemble to study, teach, train, learn, present ideas, methods, products, and services that relate to agribusiness and ensure the survival and success of our (black) national life

Black Agriculture Survival Expo includes a youth program and a hands-on survival boot camp

B.A.S.E workshops and seminars include soil production, composting, vermin composting, building a hoop house, husbandry, beekeeping, solar energy and generators, living off the grid, disaster preparedness, canning, grazing, land usage, and more.
The future of the Black Agriculture Survival Expo includes a greater awareness of black families returning to the base, which is the owning and science of cultivating land to become producers of our own products, building economic wealth, and become an Independent and self- sufficient nation.